cooking with monkey - let's make snacks!

diced roma tomato
no fuss and no muss!

orange sour cream ice cream
dreamcicle-y goodness in a bowl

grilled cheese
gooey and oh so yummy!

grilled cheese by iron
never be without grilled cheese!

lemon sour cream pie
it's not just for pi day!

open source truffles
simple and delcious

edible fruitcake
trusted and tasty family recipe

iced tea
traditional and refreshing

panda cupcakes
cute and tasty - a great combination!

italian cream soda
creamy and frosty in one glass

the best keylime pie
tangy and terrific!

quick key lime pie
save time without skimping on tastiness!

pannetone bread pudding
a culinary tale of transforation

delicious chocolate gateau
the perfect marriage of cake and chocolate

crunchy rice crispie treats
the ever popular crowd pleaser

classic cheese and crackers
a delicious and nutritious snack

mama stamberg's cranberry relish
tangy, creamy and oh so pink!

comforting hot cocoa
the perfect warm beverage

valentine cookies
delectable and simple short bread

creamy easter egg salad
just like from the deli

zesty queso dip
a fiesta in a dish

crispy cinnamon toast
a fragrant and tasty classic

sunshine jello salad
a sunny symphony in a dish

brie on a baguette
it's not just for bastille day anymore

golden brown latkes
crisp, tasty and warm potato pancakes

deviled eggs
fancy schmancy hard boiled eggs

guacamole and basic nachos
an authentic mexican snack

yummy rock cakes
for ground hog day or any day

marshmallow salad
a tropical treat in a bowl

luscious french toast
ooh, la la! c'est magnifique!

sorbet in a sack
cool, fruity & refreshing in 5 minutes

tomato soup
nutritious, yet, visually appealing

apple crumble
the best apple crumble in the world

pavlova and meringue kisses
two light and tasty treats from one recipe

bar cookies
convert your leftover holiday candy into a delectable treat

mini ice cream cookie sandwiches
simple and sensational snack

luscious limeade
or as i call it "nectar of the gods"

italian soda
refreshing and delicious

julia child tribute
not really a recipe but tasty!

how to cut a watermelon
easy and safe!

the terrycloth chef
battle watermelon

from my blog:
blessed are the cheesemakers

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toasted cheese vs. grilled cheese
the controversy continues... you be the judge

adventures in cheese!

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