monkey to go!

i'd like nothing better than to accompany you on your holiday, so, why not print out a life sized photo of me, pack me in your luggage and take pictures of me in front of famous landmarks around the world? don't forget to send a snap shot or two to me! just look at all the fun i had in greece with judith, yummy and coco!

i do wish judith would wear shoes on the scooter, it's safer, you know.

let's see where else i've been spotted, shall we?

back to the main page, ok?

as you can see, the photo of me is having one heck of a good time riding around on judith's scooter with my friends during their holiday in greece. why not print out a nice picture of me, get out the scissors and get snapping pictures of me with you and other famous people or in famous places!

extra points will be awarded for anyone who gets a picture of me with the pope, the queen of england, the king of butan, david bowie, eddie izzard, wallace and gromit, moby (the person or the whale), the dalai lama, neil gaiman, johnny depp, anthony bourdain or at such glamorous locations as stonehenge, with the heads on easter island, at the potala palace in lhasa, at the wisconsin dells,the michigan dunes, inside your fridge or with the statue of liberty and the eiffel tower. c'mon now! let's have grand adventures!