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where's monkey?

my friend takes me on a little adventure to france? where have i been spotted & where will you take me?

june is iced tea month

celebrate with a tall cool refeshing bevereage! then test your tea knowledge.

there's a monkey in the kitchen and he's got a knife!

crack out the watermelons & chef's know and brush up on your knife skills with me! my melon cutting technique is fast and easy! my tomato dicing technique is a classic and handy for salsas, salads and other tomato-y treats.

did you miss pi day?

any day is a good day to celebrate the joys of pi in high style with a tasty pie! marvel that it's the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter while servinig up a piece of key lime pie. rejoice that it's the same value as the ratio of a lemon sour cream pie's area to the square of the radius of it's crust.

thank you how-to

i keep my thank you note skills in tip-top shape all year long so that i am ready at a moment's notice!

tell me everything!

this issue of lab magazine features two of my thoughful interviews! drop by and get to know artist shari elf and bunny of the word famous crochet museum. i interview my pal jodi bloom of for crafty query. i think you'll find it interesting!

know your buddhas!

a new feature at my blog!


drop by and take a peak at photos from adventure in tibet.

dan piraro shows me how to
draw a cartoon! you won't want to miss this.

grab a cracker and join me for some culinary adventuring with cheese!

me and my monk friends!

mr.toast came to town and i was the official toast host!


(the city not the musical or the band) what do i do in chicago? why go to the art institute and play "find the picasso" of course! while in the windy city, i also like brushing up on the cold hard facts about stalagmites and stalactites.

what they say

i don't know why, but I do know who's saying what, when and where!

poetry is always in season!

poetry is always in style. drop by the poetry stop for a tasty haiku or vivacious verse! visit the dueling frida khalo haikus or a poetic reflection on the beloved grilled cheese. check out the poetry lab for a little clinical adventure.

tell me everything!

this issue of lab magazine features two of my thoughful interviews! drop by and get to know artist shari elf and bunny of the word famous crochet museum. i interview my pal jodi bloom of for crafty query. i think you'll find it interesting!

know your buddhas!

a new feature at my blog!

monkey on the go!
(le singe international)

where i have been spotted? and who have i been seen with? take a peek at all the new additions "where's monkey?" why not take me with you and let's have our own adventure! there's always something new here! like ankor wat with the cloth family.

ooh la la! pratice your french!


nuggets of knowledge
holidays with monkey
my tips on good manners
cooking with monkey
museums with monkey
adventures with monkey
the poetry stop

pandamonium over cupcakes!

who would have thought that my recipe for panda cup cakes would spark such a making frenzy around the world? from holland to australia everyone is getting into the act!

classic craft

origami is the ancient japanese practice of paper-folding. is it an art? is it a craft? you decide! i just know that these little birds look smashing on any holiday table, card or tree! don't miss the bonus haiku!


you know i love a good exhibit, so, how could i pass of visiting the heart shrine relic exhibit? c'mon! i'll show you around!

whose been in the news?

me! read the in-depth no holds barred interview with me in the uk's prestigious .net magazine.

nature quiz

how much do you know about the brown recluse spider?

me and my monk pals

my tibetan monks friends come to visit. come meet them! it's an epic adventure you're sure to enjoy! meet the new group of monks that dropped by for the he night.

tag! i'm it!

mon ami, le petit foufou tagged me, so here are my 8 random facts!

coming soon:

"ask monkey"

french lessons for the international primate! (lessons francais pour le singe international)



warm weather treats

ice cream cookie sandwiches are the best way to use up the piles of girlscout cookies you bought this year.

it's officially marshmallow salad season at my house! which should not be confused with orange sour cream ice cream season.

light and fluffy, crisp and crunchy, everyone likes rice crispy treats!

for those of you in the southern hemisphere, a soothing hot mug of classic cocoa might just hit the spot!

clotilde's chocolate cake is always perfect for any occassion!

pick and choose any tasty recipe for any of your pot luck, buffet, snack or soiree needs!

there are apples are just waiting to be transformed into craig's gran's famous apple crumble.

safety in the kitchen

oven mitts, they're not just trendy fashion accessories anymore!

more recipes?

for other treats from a delicious pavlova to scrumptious open source truffles check out my recipe section.

culinary history

the truth about fortune cookies

what's in the shop?

black warholesque t-shirt or the artsy "art - it's not just for humans" mug have a certain je ne sait quoi, don't you think? don't miss my friend proudly displaying their primate product purchases!

extra very special feature!

i get a very special cookbook from clotilde!

health corner

dental delight

if you are going to eat sweet treats, you have to take care of your teeth. i know i do!!

adventures in ophthalmology!

everyone loves a trip to the eye doctor and i'm no exception!

what am i reading, you ask? let me tell you!

my pictures and what i have to say about 'em:

me at peme osel ling
me at my favorite bookstore
me at a nice book-signing
me in rolling stone magazine
me and my friends

did you know...

that my little web site was chosen as a yahoo's site of the week? yep, it was.

look! it's the imaginary product endorsement that made me famous!

primate of the year!

thrilling adventure tour!

pack a healthy snack and a beverage (warm or cold, your choice) and join my investigating the depths of national public radio's headquarters in washington dc! thrill at the exotic location, the natives in their own environment and the rare glimpses of sacred public radio rituals. this is by far, my most extensive adventure and you will need a snack or two and several refreshing beverages on hand before you start reading. comfortable clothing and a good night's rest or restorative nap will also enhance your stamina.

public radio
(a blatant pitch for one of my favorite causes and you won't want to miss my tutorial on how to pledge!)

classic tales

my first full length novel is about me and my neighbors. it's kind of a long story. you may want to be well rested before you start. Maybe have a snack handy, just in case you get hungry. i always enjoy a nice beverage when i read.

my second novel is about my thrilling adventures on the road. It is is not as long as my other novel, but, it's still a good idea to have some refreshments handy.

everything on my site?

my link to amazon

write me! please . . .
if ya want. i'd love to hear from you and I'd be happy to let you know when i update my site. oh and here's my regular mailing address and contact info! (just in case you want to send me a postcard!

some old adventures you don't want to miss

i enjoy a percussion performance

i make a radio commercial

i learn more about books
at a talk by ed young

i visit an international festival

more fun at the
dallas video festival

i got to go to mr. peppermint's
birthday party!

i present a grammy award!

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